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All Natural Skin Lightening Remedies For African Americans

All skin colors are beautiful, but African Americans often approach skin lightening techniques due to certain skin issues. For example, many people don’t believe that dark skin still “tans” or gets darker when in contact with the sun. However, this does occur, and as a matter of fact it can cause skin to get extra dark and result in dark patches or inconsistent skin tone.Senior couple on cycle ride

There are also certain skin diseases that African Americans deal with from time to time, and it shows up in the form of uneven skin tone and unsightly blemishes. These are just some of the reasons why African Americans pursue skin lightening or pigment reduction. However, there are many ways to go about this. A process called “skin bleaching” is one of them. But aren’t there all-natural solutions to take care of this?

One way you can approach skin lightening in a natural manner is to make the following paste. The ingredients you need are one tablespoon of tomato juice, one tablespoon of cucumber juice, one tablespoon of sandalwood paste and one tablespoon of lemon juice. After you mix these ingredients together to form the paste, you’re going to apply it directly to the affected areas of your skin.

Let the paste dry on your skin, and then you’re going to use warm water for the rinsing process. In order for this process to take full effect, you’re going to do this once a week for two months. After this amount of time has passed, take notice of how much your skin has lightened. If it has not completely attained the desired effect, then follow this next step.

Dry out some orange peels in the sun and then grind them into a powder. Mix them together in a bowl with raw milk until you have another paste. You’re going to again rub this paste on your skin and then use warm water for the rinse after it has dried. This paste is one you’re actually going to use daily.

On top of these two all-natural home remedies, you can also take a look at all-natural scar removal remedies, which can also work to help lighten skin. You’re going to be surprised at the results, and you’re going to see how the all-natural approach is a great strategy. Who wants to try and help their skin by using harsh chemicals? Instead, do everything the all-natural way!

Getting Rid Of Cellulite Naturally At Home

Cellulite is a common problem plaguing women these days. A large percentage of women have cellulite which is usually found on lower body areas such as legs, hips and buttocks creating an unattractive dimpled and rutted appearance. The good news is that there are natural remedies for cellulite. They are easy methods that can be tried at home. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Dry Skin Brushing

Dry brushing is one way that you can effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite on your skin. This process stimulates the blood and lymph flow in the body. You should not scrub your skin back and forth. You should only brush it towards the heart. It should be done daily if possible. The bristles of the brush should not be synthetic, but should be natural. You should ensure that your skin is completely dry before you start skin brushing. It is the most effective, easiest and cheapest way to promote a healthy skin.

Keep Your Diet In Check

Your diet contributes greatly in ensuring that your skin remains in good condition. Failure to maintain good eating habits may lead to the appearance of cellulite. To get rid of it, you should make sure that you watch what you eat. Ensure that you drink a lot of water. Water keeps the skin cells fresh and renews them. This can greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Eating fruits and vegetables helps reduce the amount of fat that accumulates in the body. You should also reduce fat intake.


Exercise helps in burning the excess fat that is being stored in the body. You should incorporate weight training into your exercise routine. Weight training tones the muscles under your skin. This greatly reduces the appearance of the cellulite. You should also do high intensity exercise to help burn excess calories and fat. One of the most effective cellulite exercise routines is the Symulast Method created by Joey Atlas. You can read more about this highly effective method and see the kind of results you can achieve here : Symulast Before And After Pictures And Testimonial

Balance Your Hormones

Hormone imbalance is among the reasons why cellulite appears. It is also the reason why it appears mostly on women, than men, as women have more delicate hormone systems. Working towards hormone balance can greatly reduce cellulite. There are various ways that you can naturally balance your hormones. They include; limiting your caffeine intake, reduce omega-6 polyunsaturated fat intake, avoid toxins and ensuring you get enough sleep.

What You Need To Know About Treatments For Internal Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are simply the veins that are found around the location of the anus and rectum. They become swollen, inflamed causing pain and intense itching. Many of the products to treat hemorrhoids are designed to reduce pain and the discomfort.

Internal hemorrhoids happen when the veins inside the rectum become swollen. With internal hemorrhoids there can be a lack of pain because there are no pain receptors around the rectum area. Although you may not experience any pain you can suffer from the other symptoms such as bleeding and itchiness.

The problem with hemorrhoids is that you can’t wish them away as they will only get worse. Visit for further details on a safe natural solution.For this reason, you need to use some form of treatment to reduce and clear the symptoms. The swollen blood vessels can become either strangulated or prolapsed and the treatment for both can be different.

The strangulated form of hemorrhoids occurs when the blood vessels are strangulated to the point where the blood supply is cut off completely. When this happens it can increase the risk of infection and thrombosis. A prolapsed hemorrhoid occurs when the swollen internal blood vessels are pushed and protrude from the anus.

For medical analysis these types of hemorrhoids are divided into 4 different categories as follows:

  1. Grade one
  2. Grade two
  3. Grade three
  4. Grade four

Each of these grades are different based on the how severe and complicated the symptoms are.  Although there are no treatments available that can hold the claim of being able to cure the condition completely, there are hemorrhoid treatments available to help manage and soothe the discomfort.

There are number of natural treatments that can be used to help treat the symptoms. One is called Venapro you can find out more about this effective and natural pollution for hemorrhoids and piles from the link above.

For example, a popular choice is to take a supplement that contains natural ingredients promoting the health of the digestive system and the colon. One of the main causes of hemorrhoids that make the symptoms worse is constipation. This happens when your bowel movements become less regular.

Another sign is hard dry stools that are very difficult to excrete from the body. Pushing out these hard dry stools requires lots of pushing and straining which puts further pressure on the blood vessels.

Improving your diet can help a great deal in improving constipation and hemorrhoids. Many people eat far too much sugar and processed foods and not enough fiber. This reduces the health of the digestive system and the colon. By eating good sources of fiber which you will get from eating fresh organic fruit and vegetables. In addition, drink plenty of water as this will keep your stools soft and moist.

When most other treatments are considered and have not produced the desired result then the only option may be surgery. Surgery is only used in specific situations. Another popular form of surgery is rubber litigation. This involves tying a small rubber band around the hemorrhoid until the blood supply is cut off.

2 Muscle Building Tips For Bulking You Up

As you are reading this, believe it or not, there is a kind of muscle building genie inside of you right now that can help you grow muscle mass.  Insulin-like growth factors (IGF), growth hormones (GH) and testosterone all lay dormant inside the body.  You can think of them as the genie inside you that is just waiting to be stoked in the proper way to release and do what you bid it to do.

Here are 2 building muscle tips you can use to help prise this genie from the bottle so it can help you to build strong hard muscles.

#1.  Hyper Adaptive Cycling – Shocking The Genie From The Bottle

First you need to understand that your body really doesn’t want you building more muscle.  It will do whatever it can to prevent you from building lots of muscle mass because having large muscles all over the body isn’t natural.  For your body it’s a lot easier for it to maintain and build fat than it is to build and maintain muscle mass.

However, Hyper Adaptive Cycling can be used to shock your muscles into growing.  This is a natural way to trick your body’s growth mechanisms.  This keeps your muscles in a confused state so they can’t ever adapt to the muscle building work outs that you are doing.

That’s a very important point because as soon as your muscles start adapting to your weightlifting workouts, your muscle growth and development starts to slow down and frequently will completely stop.  That can be very frustrating.  This problem that a majority of bodybuilders face sooner or later is referred to as “the plateau.”  This place is so dreaded because once you are there its very hard to escape. You can avoid this plateau by taking safe steroid alternatives that produce results. All you have to do is visit for the full low down.

So it’s a good idea to use Hyper Adaptive Cycling as part of your muscle building workouts.  Then you will see that your growth in muscle mass keeps accelerating without having any plateaus.

#2.  Deprivation of Protein- Starving Your Genie Of Proteins

Another powerful way to boost muscle growth as part of your muscle building workouts is for protein deprivation cycles to be introduced into your weight lift routines.  There are specific  stages that you will be in during the muscle mass building process where you will load up on protein.

However, there will also be other stages where you deprive your body of protein.  During the deprivation stages you will not consume very much protein at all as part of your diet.

The method is a very effective way of tricking your body into producing more growth hormones.  This helps with muscle growth and recovery.  It’s a very powerful way of getting your body to provide a boost of its natural testosterone levels.  This is the key hormone that helps your body grow muscle mass in massive amounts.

However, timing your protein deprivation cycles is really an art.  Before attempting it, you need to make sure you completely understand and master it first.  If you combine Hyper Adaptive Cycling with Protein Deprivation, it often will produce spectacular results.

Organic Bee Pollen

Organic Bee Pollen: In the Raw is Best!

I bet you are wondering how it came to be that bee pollen is now known as the complete super food, and is renowned for its healing properties. It should be no surprise that bee pollen is so powerful because it is loaded with vitamins and minerals and trace elements, that can help to prevent many diseases and illnesses. Organic bee pollen is the best source of bee pollen because it is harvested from the source, and is not put through the normal manufacturing process.

Where is Organic Bee Pollen Harvested From?

While beekeepers can’t really control where their bee pollen comes from, they can certainly control the rest of the process once it has been retrieved. Bee pollen is collected from the male stamen of the flower, but other flowering plants that have pollen are also targets for the traveling bee. New Zealand is one of the prime locations for bee pollen collection, with more than 1,800 species of flowers that bees collect from.

So, why is New Zealand known for being a source of organic pee pollen? New Zealand has the lowest rate of pollution in the world, thus making it a great place to get your bee pollen from. Without the onslaught of harmful contaminants, this creates a welcome environment for the collection and marketing of bee pollen and other harvested products. Many countries don’t regulate the manufacturing of bee pollen, but New Zealand’s goal is to uphold the highest standards when it comes to their bee pollen supplements.

Be Warned: Organic is Everywhere

Organic is a term that seems to be floating around everywhere and no matter where you are there is an organic source. The term “organic” is attached to nearly every product and every food these days, but how do we know what is organic? There really isn’t any way to know for sure, but the best way to learn about your product is to source it.

Organic farming means that the land is free from pesticides, insecticides and many other chemicals. When farmers want to run an organic farm, they have to go through an exhaustive process to make it happen, and they can only use specific organic farming techniques. While bees can travel thousands of miles to collect their pollen, there is no way to guarantee that each flower they collected their pollen from is 100% free from pesticides and insecticides.

In closing, organic bee pollen cannot be guaranteed to be 100% organic, but it is still good for you no matter where you get it from. New Zealand is probably one of the best sources of bee pollen in the world simply because the rate of pollution is so low, but there are many fine sources available in health food stores across the world. No matter what you buy, remember that organic is the bees knees!

Looking for the benefits of bee pollen supplement capsules free of pollutants?

One company called Xtend-Life Natural Products, produces a bee pollen supplement mixed with special synergistic enzymes to help release the supplement’s energy-give properties.

We all know New Zealand as a naturally pristine paradise, and Xtend-Life states on their website:

“We source our Bee Pollen from one of the most pristine areas of New Zealand:

  • This area borders one of the largest National Parks in the North West Corner of the South Island of New Zealand…
  • There are no industrial factories in the area…
  • The prevailing winds are from the South West…
  • There is nothing else between this area and Antarctica…besides the remote Southern Ocean…
  • The air here is so clean that on most days you can see for 100 miles…leaving our Bee Pollen free from the air pollution and other contaminants found in so many other commercial brands…”

So, if you’re looking for an affordable, fresh, and effective bee pollen supplement capsules you might want to look into Xtend-Life’s NZ Bee Pollen. You may also like to check out another supplement that has been getting great reviews. Check out the Best Review Of Focus T25 here.


How dancing can improve your overall health and well-being

Dancing has been around for millennia and people have been doing it for various reasons. People dance to burn off frustration and anger, people dance as a hobby, dancing has been used as a form of meditation, it’s even being prescribed by doctors as a form of medication, but one of the most important reasons for dancing is to feel great! Dancing makes you feel good whether you can dance well or not. It’s kind of like eating chocolate in that it releases endorphins that make you feel fantastic and happy all at the same time.

If you have ever wanted to take up dance classes but you forever looking for an excuse like you too shy, you too busy, it is too expensive or you have nobodies dance with, these are all on founded excuses. You can always find some time to take a half an hour class once a week. Every dance school has packages that they can adjust according to your specific requirements, which makes the its too expensive, excuse obsolete. The fact that you have nobody to dance with is probably the worst excuse anybody to come up with since you can dance by yourself. You don’t need a dance partner to learn how to dance since you will be assigned a dance instructor anyway. Besides this, they have these events usually once a week on a Friday night which they call their social gatherings, with all the students get together and they have a party when you get to practice what you have learnt in your classes that week with each other and other staff members at the school.

It was mentioned earlier that dancing was prescribed as a type of medication. This is true on two levels: doctors will prescribe dance classes for somebody who needs to lose a little bit of weight and get a little bit of exercise that is not damaging or stressful to the joints, ligaments, muscles or bones. Dancing has been known to help strengthen problems in all of those areas, but the second reason why dancing has been prescribed as a medication, is also to help lift the spirits. Think kind of as a non-medication type antidepressant. Because when you dancing, and you are enjoying yourself, having lost yourself in the moment and in the music and in the emotion of the dance itself, your body is being pumped full of endorphins that automatically lifts the spirits.

If for no other reason than just for fun, dancing should be a part of everybody’s life.

Маmmоrех Rеvіеw – Еаsу Вrеаst Еnlаrgеmеnt

breast implantsWhеn thіnkіng оf brеаst еnlаrgеmеnt mоst wоmеn bеlіеvе thаt thеіr оnlу орtіоn іs а surgеrу. Gеttіng bіggеr brеаsts іs а сhаllеngе оf соursе, but іn rеаlіtу thеrе іs nо nееd fоr іnvаsіvе аnd hіghlу dаngеrоus аugmеntаtіоn рrосеdurе. Вrеаst еnlаrgеmеnt саn bе sаfе аnd nаturаl іf уоu сhооsе thе rіght рrоduсt. Маmmоrех іs а grеаt аltеrnаtіvе.

Вrеаst еnlаrgеmеnt ріlls аrе bу fаr thе еаsіеst wау tо gеt bіggеr brеаsts. Тhеу аrе muсh сhеареr thаn surgеrу, соntаіn nаturаl іngrеdіеnts аnd thеіr еffесt іs grаduаl. Ву tаkіng thеsе ріlls уоu wіll nоt wаkе uр thе nехt mоrnіng 2 sіzеs bіggеr thаn уеstеrdау, sо thаt еvеrуоnе knоws уоu wеrе unhарру аnd еmbаrrаssеd оf уоu’rе А-sіzе аnd dіd а bооb јоb. Yоu wіll аlsо аvоіd sсаrіng, раіnful роst-ор реrіоd аnd hаvіng рlаstіс-lооkіng unnаturаllу реrkу brеаsts. Νоt tо mеntіоn lоwеr hеаlth rіsks.

Маmmоrех іs оnе оf thе sаfеst brеаst еnlаrgеmеnt ріlls оn thе mаrkеt tоdау. Іt іs mаdе wіth оrgаnісаllу-grоwn hеrbs thаt wеrе trаdіtіоnаllу usеd fоr brеаst еnhаnсеmеnt fоr сеnturіеs. Моdеrn sсіеnсе аllоwеd tо rеsеаrсh thе mоst еffесtіvе соmbіnаtіоn оf thеsе hеrbs аnd tо сrеаtе thе mоst suссеssful fоrmulае tо mахіmіzе wоmаn’s grоwth роtеntіаl.

Маmmоrех wоrks bу іnсrеаsіng thе аmоunt оf сеlls іn thе mаmmаrу glаnds. Іn gеnеrаl, brеаsts stор grоwіng оnсе thе рubеrtу реrіоd іs оvеr, whеn thе hоrmоnаl bаlаnсе іs sеt. Тhе nаturаl соmbіnаtіоn оf hеrbаl іngrеdіеnts fоund іn Маmmоrех wіll stіmulаtе сhаngеs іn thе соnсеntrаtіоn оf thеsе hоrmоnеs, rеsultіng іn nаturаl brеаst аugmеntаtіоn thrоugh thе dеvеlорmеnt оf brеаst tіssuе.

Wаrnіng – thіs рrоduсt shоuld nоt bе usеd іf уоu аrе рrеgnаnt оr nursіng. Араrt frоm thаt, Маmmоrех hаs nо оthеr соntrа-іndісаtіоns. Іt саn еvеn rеsult іn hеаlth bеnеfіts, bесаusе іt hеlрs rеgulаtе fеmаlе hоrmоnеs.

Аnоthеr thіng thаt wоrrіеs mаnу wоmеn whо соnsіdеr brеаst еnlаrgеmеnt ріlls іs whеthеr thеу wіll gо fаt bу usіng іt. Аnd thе grеаt nеws іs thаt Маmmоrех wіll nоt mаkе уоu fаt, іt wіll оnlу іnсrеаsе уоur brеаst sіzе, nоt оthеr раrts оf thе bоdу.

Оf соursе, thеrе аrе аlsо dіsаdvаntаgеs оf usіng brеаst еnlаrgеmеnt ріlls. Іt tаkеs раtіеnсе аnd sеlf-соntrоl tо rеgulаrlу tаkе а ріll fоr а fеw mоnths іn оrdеr tо еnsurе suссеssful еnlаrgеmеnt. Тhе rеsult іs nоt іnstаnt аs wеll – іt tаkеs оn аvеrаgе 2-3 mоnths tо gаіn а сuр. Вut іn соmраrіsоn tо рlаstіс surgеrу thеsе dіsаdvаntаgеs аrе mіnіmаl. Аnd соst sаvіngs аrе hugе! Ѕо іf уоu аrе sеrіоuslу dеtеrmіnеd tо еnlаrgе уоur brеаsts іn а nаturаl аnd sаfе wау, brеаst еnlаrgеmеnt ріlls аrе уоur bеst орtіоn.

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Choosing a Bee Pollen Supplement

Choosing a Bee Pollen Supplement? 7 Things to Look For When Buying Bee Pollen Supplement

My mom personally bought low quality bee pollen without me knowing, and it’s costing her time and money.  She is 45 years old and is very health conscious, and once she did her own research and understood the amazing health benefits of bee pollen she was sold.

So she found some pollen online and bought it, thinking it was an effective product.  She has finished the bottle, and followed the usage instructions very carefully, but when I asked her if she felt any different, she said “Nope, It didn’t make me feel energetic at all, in fact it made me tired for some reason”.

Plus, a few days after the bottle was empty, she told me she felt much better than when taking the bee pollen. This means the bee pollen supplement was of very low quality, and could actually have been contaminated. I don’t want this to happen to you.

So, how can you choose a high quality bee pollen supplement? Here’s how you can avoid wasting your money, time and health…

7 Things To Look For In a High Quality Bee Pollen Supplement Before Spending Your Hard-Earned Money:

  1. Make sure the bee pollen supplement manufacturer is a vitamin/supplement company and NOT just a bee pollen company

A bee pollen company that just sells bee pollen, is often wholesalers of low quality imported from China products.  This means the pollen is heat dried and crushed into tablets.  This makes them last longer, but removes most if not all the nutrients. Most of these companies are fly-by-night operations, so buyer beware.

A company that sells other products besides bee pollen is a much safer place to buy your pollen supplement.

  1. Look for where the pollen is sourced from?


The source of the raw pollen that is used to make the supplement is extremely important. Pollen gathered from polluted areas will have many contaminates and may not be good for your health. On the other hand, pollen from pristine and pollutant free areas are great for your health because they are pure and clean. For example, bee pollen from New Zealand is probably one of the highest quality bee pollen.

  1. Look for pharmaceutical grade pollen and GMP quality standards

Most bee pollen companies just buy pollen wholesale from bee farmers, and use that in their products without testing them for quality or contamination.  This means that you could be getting a low quality product, and each bottle/jar of pollen could be different.


A high quality bee pollen supplement would have been tested according to pharmaceutical grade products.  This means the product would have been tested for microbiological and heavy-metal contamination, in the beginning of the manufacturing process and at the end-product stage.


Look for a company that has GMP standards in place. GMP stands for good manufacturers processes, and it is an international standard that is used by companies that produce only the best products.


  1. Look for a company that has been in business for more than 5 years. This means that they probably won’t run away with your money, and that their products work.  If they didn’t, they would have been out of business in the first year or two.  The problem with bee pollen companies that are new, is that they may be just selling imported Chinese bee pollen, which may be very low quality. Why take the risk?
  2. Look for a bee pollen product that has an ingredient list and source of origin. This ensures that you know exactly what you will be putting into your body. Most low quality bee pollen products, do not have an ingredient list, and do not put the source of origin on their products.
  3. Look for a company that has a phone number, and actually call them about their product

If you call during regular business hours and no one answers, you should be cautious. Buying a product from a company that has a live person is much better, because if there are any problems once you receive your product you can sort it out with them.

  1. Look for  a company that has a full refund policy if you’re not completely satisfied. The policy should be effective for at least 30 days or more. This allows you the time for your body to adjust to the supplement and improve. This makes the product risk free for you, and a much better buy. Any company that offers a full refund on a product if you’re not satisfied, means their product most be of high quality and works.

If your bee pollen supplement company doesn’t offer a 100% money-back guarantee or any kind of guarantee, then you should be wary. This means that this pollen company doesn’t have confidence in their own products, and it could mean a  low quality product.

You want a high quality bee pollen supplement that will give you an increase energy, vitality and other health benefits. Make sure the company/manufacturer you choose has all the above qualifications, and cares about your health in all aspects. After you try bee pollen, check out another great product for your skin. Check out this natural wart removal product here

Follow these tips to ensure you get only the best bee pollen product !





Is There a Way to Make Me Taller?

If you are a young person who is concerned about their height, then the good news is that there are things that you can to do maximise your growth. To a certain extent, how tall you grow is determined by genetics, however a lot of people fail to reach their genetic potential because of external influences such as diet, drugs, health conditions or sports.  It is a dream for many to be able to grow tall and strong naturally.

For example, young people who train in weight-class sports who are forced to keep their weight down during the athletic season may find that they suffer from malnutrition and end up stunting their growth because they spend so much time dehydrated or not eating properly. If they train weights as a part of their sporting program then they could end up damaging their growth plates, further stunting their growth.

If you want to make sure that you grow as tall as you possibly can, then there are several things that you should do. Firstly, try to get at least eight and a half hours sleep per night. Your body does most of its cell repair and growth while you are asleep, and if you are not getting enough sleep then you will not achieve your maximum growth potential.

In addition, make sure that you drink lots of water and eat enough high quality food. Malnutrition is a serious growth inhibitor which often neglected by many.. Good nutrition is one of the reasons why Asian children who grow up in the United States tend to be much taller than their parents and grandparents that grew up in Asia during a time when the economy was poor and diets were limited.  There were no milk and high calcium food then.

Try not to go on a calorie restricted diet while you are still growing, and try to avoid water cutting for sport. If you must lose weight do so by simply eating smaller portions – or keeping your calorie deficit to more than 250 calories below your daily maintenance level. Eat lots of protein and lots of healthy fats, as well as vegetables. This will help to prevent malnutrition.

Human growth hormone can help people to grow taller than they might unassisted, but most doctors are not willing to prescribe it unless the patient is likely to be medically considered a dwarf if they do not receive treatment. This is highly unlikely to be the case for most healthy teenagers, so simply leading a healthy lifestyle should suffice.

Carb Backloading Review – What It Is And How It Works

In this quick Carb Backloading review, I want to take a closer look at this amazing system created by physical body transformation coach John Kiefer. Although this will not be a comprehensive review, I urge you to read every word on this page so you get a clear understanding of what this program is and how it can benefit men from all walks of life.

Okay, so what on Earth is Carb Backloading anyway. It’s a clever step by step system that combines the power of intermittent fasting, with weight training, and a special approach to pre and post workout nutrition that will allow you to build serious muscle, while stopping your body from putting on fat. And each day by following this approach you will have your metabolism system primed for maximum fat burning each day, while also having all the right hormones activated so that you build muscle around the clock.

Carb Backloading has been around for about a year now and during this time, it has been accepted by some of the top experts in the world as a powerful way to build muscle mass, while burning fat. So if this is your goal, you will be doing yourself a great service by taking a closer and more intimate look at this diet.

John Kiefer, the creator of this program, has detailed the entire method into a 300+ word guide that contains everything you need to know about this method, how to apply it and the studies about why it works.

This guide is dense, it’s detailed, but there is also a quick start chapter if you want to immediately get started without wading through all the information. I still recommend you check out the entire guide because you will be getting a serious crash course in how your body works and what you need to do to make it work optimally.

You will also gain access to support and discussion via the Carb Backloading forum, which has all types of industry experts as well as John hanging out in to give you tips, advice, and to help you if you get stuck with anything.

Once you purchase Carb Backloading, you also get a 60 day money back guarantee. So you can test out this method and see the results for yourself. But if you’re not happy with it or you can’t see yourself applying the method, then you have the option of a full, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Try it out, you have nothing to lose. Apart from fat. And everything to gain. Including tons of muscle mass :)

The Benefits I Experienced from Having Cosmetic Face Surgery

I was looking to get an actress job around Hollywood for quite a while a few years ago. In fact, I was struggling just to make ends meet. I had moved to Hollywood in search for fame and money, however was soon disappointed as I realized that all was not what It seemed in the land of milk and honey. I had been told countless times by screening agents that I simply had too large of a jaw to be able to cast in any attractive female roles in films or commercials. I was shocked by such news, and thus decided to get correctional face surgery to fix this. Since the surgery, I have been able to get many roles.

Cost was a very big factor for me as I had basically no money at all. I was working at a fast food restaurant and was making a really low income, in fact, it was minimum wage. However, I really needed the surgery as I knew that once I fixed my jaw that I would be able to get many roles and finally be able to sustain a job as an actress. So, I decided to look around my area to see the prices for the average cosmetic facial surgery. A few of the clinics had very high prices, however some had very reasonable prices.  I found mine at

I had been saving up quite a large amount of my income for the surgery for a while and I had found out a really reasonably priced clinic in my area. It only took a few weeks of savings in order to get the surgery. The surgery itself was so painless and fixed my jaw completely, It was amazing.  Is it worth it? In my opinion, totally yes! A few weeks of savings and I got my jaw that I always wanted.  The only thing is that I need to live with the pain after the surgery for another couple of weeks.  I am not able to eat properly and that is horrible. I have to be on liquid diet because i cannot chew yet.  I missed my fried food and the meat.  So if you can live with that and give up a little of your monthly salary, then this is totally worth it.  And I wish to say again – it is worth every cents .

If anyone is having trouble due to any facial feature, I highly suggest they get cosmetic facial surgery.